Fiddler on the Roof

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This year we've tried to make things easier for you by giving you the option to pay your student's participant fees online. 

Please note that the first child is $65 and all others after the first child are $50

We've also given you the option of joining our "Patrons of the Arts at ECS" online -- see information below. 

Please see info posted below from the Blog:

Fiddler on the Roof 2018


Dear Parents,

    We are so excited this year's play season has begun and we are honored that you are allowing your children to participate.  Each year we are surprised at how much talent lies within Eastwood's walls and are amazed at the caliber of art such a small school is able to produce.  Eastwood's drama program would not exist without involvement from you!  We have decided to send this letter home to insure that you are well informed and aware of opportunities to serve. 

    Each year we have developed our system of producing such a massive program, and each year we have applied things we have learned.  One of the most helpful tools in building our program is the parent volunteer policy.  When you and your child read through the information upon auditioning, you hopefully noticed that each family is required to contribute one parent's talents/time to the program.  You can volunteer in MANY ways.  We have a volunteer spot for you whether you work weekdays, nights, or stay at home.  Attached is a list of volunteer spots open for you to take.  We always love to hear of spots we have forgotten to list.  If you notice one such spot, where you feel you could be of help, please feel free to let us know.  We also require that each family participate, in some way, during the clean-up day.  If you are unable to attend the 2-3 hour clean-up, we ask that you make a $50 donation to the drama program.  There is an immediate need for help in moving our entire wardrobe back to the school from storage.  Also immediately needed are seamstresses.  We need seamstresses of all levels, from hemmers to designers!  If you are available, please sign-up to help. 

    The blog site will be your best friend for the next 11 weeks or so.  The site's address is  Please check this site often!  If you suspect any errors in information placed there, please let me know as soon as possible and I will make the necessary adjustments.  Please see letter below for serving opportunities!

    As always, please contact us with any questions.  Thank You!  David and Ruth Givens and David Miller.

Fiddler on the Roof Participation Fees
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You also will have the opportunity to support our program thru:



This year’s school musical is Fiddler on the Roof

The Eastwood Players are seeking financial support to help with the costs of putting on our annual musical.  We are looking for people who would be interested in supporting our youth in their acting endeavors by becoming a Patron of the Arts.  Please consider supporting our program. 

Choose a support level for the 2018 season; each level has different benefits.


DIRECTOR’S CLUB:  A donation of $400 or more:  You will receive program recognition and reserved seating for SEVEN for BOTH performances.

STAGE MANAGER:  A $300 donation:  You will receive program recognition and FOUR early admissions for BOTH performances.

LEAD ROLE:  A $200 donation:  You will receive program recognition and TWO early admissions for BOTH performances.

ACTOR:  A $100 donation:  program recognition and TWO early admissions for ONE performance.


*PLEASE NOTE:  Family/person supporting program must be present for early entrance and preferred seating-benefits are non-transferable.  Program recognition is not guaranteed on late sponsors.

 **Each year, our two leading role each get the front row in the center section for their family and guests.  This remains the same.  Director's Club will be assigned preferred seating behind the two families in a special section.  All other "Patrons" will be allowed early entrance passes (for their selected level) to obtain their seats but will not have assigned seating.

Any questions about our patron program, please contact Cheryl Kometer at

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                                    Please contact: Cheryl Kometer (  with questions about Patron donations.