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School Lunches

Please see list for dates lunches will be served. 


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Welcome to ECS Lunch program

We have new options this semester .  

Meals will be provided FIVE days a week! 


Orders close on Saturday January 14.

Thank you for purchasing a school lunch! Here are a few brief instructions to get you familiar with the system to order school lunches online. We have items labeled by the day of the week and the company.  

1. Select which Item you want.

2. Choose a Main Entrée.

3. Click Add to Cart and a required form will pop up.

4. Fill out Name of Student .

5.  Click which grade student is in and entrée choices.

6.  Click Add To Cart.

If you are purchasing for multiple children, if you would purchase all meals for one child before you move on to the next child, it would be helpful..

You can then go on to the next child's order.   When you are ready to checkout, you will see your cart in the upper right corner. Click CART in the upper right and then click CHECKOUT.

LUNCH Days listed below:

                        MONDAY                                      Tuesday                                                Wednesday                                            Thursday                                             Friday

                                                       Tuesday, January 16          Wednesday, January 17            Thursday, January 18           Friday, January 19

     Monday, January 22            Tuesday, January 23          Wednesday, January 24            Thursday, January 25           Friday, January 26

     Monday, January 29            Tuesday, January 30          Wednesday, January 31            Thursday, February 1           Friday, February 2

     Monday, February 5            Tuesday, February 6          Wednesday, February 7           Thursday February 8            Friday, February 9

     Monday, February 12          Tuesday, February 13        Wednesday,  February 14        Thursday,February 15                 

                                                        Tuesday, February 20       Wednesday, February 21         Thursday, February 22        Friday, February 23

     Monday, February 26          Tuesday, February 27       Wednesday, February 28         Thursday, March 1                Friday, March 2

     Monday, March 5                 Tuesday, March 6               Wednesday, March 7                Thursday, March 8                Friday March 9

     Monday, March 19                Tuesday, March 20            Wednesday, March 21              Thursday, March 22             Friday, March 23

     Monday, March 26                Tuesday, March 27             Wednesday, March 28             Thursday, March 29            

     Monday,  April 2                     Tuesday, April 3                  Wednesday, April 4                  Thursday, April 5                  Friday, April 6

     Monday, April 9                      Tuesday, April 10                Wednesday, April 11                Thursday, April 12                Friday, April 13

     Monday, April 16                    Tuesday, April 17                Wednesday, April 18                Thursday, April 19                Friday, April 20

     Monday, April 23                    Tuesday April 24                 Wednesday April 25                  Thursday April 26                Friday April 27

     Monday April 30                      Tuesday May 1                    Wednesday May 2                     Thursday May 3                   Friday May 4

     Monday May 7                          Tuesday May 8                   Wednesday May 9                     Thursday May 10                 Friday May 11