Curriculum - Upper School


Upper School Curriculum Overview

Hours: 7:45 am – 1:40 pm

Seventh Grade
Literature (World Religions and Missions), World Geography, Foreign Language (Intro Latin), Mathematics, Earth Science, Old Testament Overview, Grammar/Composition 

Eighth Grade
Ancient Literature, Ancient History, Foreign Language (Latin I), Algebra I/Pre-Algebra, Logic, New Testament Overview, Grammar/Composition

Ninth Grade
Medieval Literature, Medieval History, Foreign Language (Latin II), Geometry/Algebra I, Physical Science, Biblical Interpretation/Systematic Theology, Grammar/Composition

Tenth Grade
Later European Literature, Later European History, Foreign Language (Latin III), Algebra II/Geometry, Biology, Biblical Themes, Grammar/Composition 

Eleventh Grade
American Literature, American History, Foreign Language (Spanish I, French I), Pre-Calculus/Algebra II, Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, History of Thought, Grammar/Composition

Twelfth Grade
British Literature, Government/Economics, Foreign Language (Spanish II, French II), Calculus/Pre-Calculus, Physics/Anatomy-Physiology, Applied Theology, RhetoricAn ECS family must understand and be committed to classical, Christ-centered education. Parents should want their children to attend Eastwood Christian School because of what they are taught, how they are taught, and by whom they are taught. Eastwood Christian School is a learning-oriented community, where students are challenged to achieve their individual educational potential for the sake of serving the Kingdom of God.